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Kauai Storage Buildings

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                                                                  (10x12 Loft Barn)
                                                                (Base Price-$5995)
                                                       10x20 Loft Barn (base)- $9650
                                                       12x16 Loft Barn (base)- $9450
                                          The loft barn has a 13' peak for added space
                                                              (Additional upgrades)
                                               2'x3' window      -          $200 (per window)(Purchased & installed)
                                               3'x4' window      -          $300 (per window)(Purchased & installed)
                                               Interior primer    -          $500
                                               Interior paint     -           $500
                                              10x6' Loft with ladder-   $500
                                              Loft hatches          -         $250 (per hatch with screens)
                              32"Deluxe door+knob/deadbolt-   $300
                                              Bamboo flooring -         $7 per sq ft installed(includes base mold)
                                       (Base price includes exterior paint, double barn doors,
                                      architectural 30 yr roofing and loft vents front and back)